08 December 2014

The Big Four

Hitting The Big Four on the 8th’s cause for a 
major celebration; yeah, I know Oliver Harry, 
mate, you’ve waited on this one with breath 
baited; those other birthday festivities along 
the way seeded the pitch with ‘unassailable’
lists you need ‘score’ if you are to be in that 
comparative draw for birthday accolades; a 
year doesn’t make it any easer, does it 

But don’t worry about it mate, take my word 
on it - they’ll roll around even if you’re not in 
a sweat from waiting - with indexed alacrity 
testing your patience; sure, The Big Four’s 
pretty special if you wanna be more than a 
baby, yet freed of an ‘aged’ accountability 
© 1 December 2014, I. D. Carswell

Grandson Oliver Harry Carswell cracks 
The Big Four today, 8th December.