07 December 2014

Sunday Meandering

Sunday meandering; - I’ve moved away from the 
TV, too mind-numbing watching a progression of 
overnight ‘friendlies’ - especially where reflective 
breaks between each top level match is a safety 
valve that’s mandatory; there’s too much energy 
and emotion on display, playing for your nation’s 
credibility isn’t a throwaway event, regardless of 
whom you play against or for whatever trophy 

And I don’t need ‘rugby fantasies’ early morning 
to create exhaustion enough to cruel the best of 
this day of rest; so a break between each match 
suggests a relaxed, pedestrian pace enabling a 
better appreciation & that takes a bit of doing for 
me - this feast is a gourmand’s promised land 
© 23 November 2014, I. D. Carswell

For the record, games played 23 Nov 2014:

Brazil 6 Uruguay 25, Scotland 37 Tonga 12, Portugal 29 Namibia 20, 
Ireland 26 Australia 23, Romania 18 Canada 9, Wales 16 New Zealand 34, 

England 28 Samoa 9, France 13 Argentina 18, Italy 6 South Africa 22