25 December 2014

The Long And Short Of It

No, not a solo barbecue, there were two of 
us, me admittedly being junior partner and
alfresco-food-doyen Podge ruling on menu 

his view’s anything done BBQ’ed’s OK - the 
long & short of it’s he’s the gov’nor - though 
today he’ll admit being too easily distracted 

he likes it hot off the embers thus Moroccan 
flavoured potato wedges were an ace in the 
hole - though his taste’s more cosmopolitan  

he played a full role sating immediate needs 
before realising T-bone steaks weren’t even 
on - and he’d been conned too obviously

but you’d agree, classy for a dog, he coped 
with aplomb - ensured the leftover account 
was administered with stringent propriety 

he’s now sacked out snoring, purporting the 
dottle was his original idea - it probably was; 
so tomorrow he can refill the gas bottle 

© 25 November 2014, I. D. Carswell