26 December 2014


If it comes to a contest between hijab, yarmulka 
and lawyers in-court dress - I’d say prejudice is 
hidden more effectively by legal office ‘robes’

We could widen debate into any form of office 
regalia and find the same determination in any 
de jure rationalisation’s locum for reason 

Ideas any one word can be redefined to mean 
legalised arcadia gives Pan the door to where 
juridical anarchy finds humour indictable 

And they’re laughably attired in dress which 
says this is a standing joke - but don’t poke 
fun at it or you’ll regret ever mentioning it 

Especially in session - where all aims are to 
be fair and reasonable and within meanings 
ascribed by the same jurisdictional farce 

And they have the last word on it 

© 8 December 2014, I. D. Carswell