15 May 2015

Aphonic Cacophony

The best you can say in your defence is ‘listening 
doesn’t compensate for not hearing’ - but then its 
a past tense argument when you are not actually 
accused of anything - and so we play ‘sotto voce’ 
for the tension arising disappointingly out of what 
might have been a missed cue - that evades you 
even more efficiently than imagined suggestions 
of sounds explaining what it might have been 

So the silence remains deafening & hearing aids 
merely confirm that is the case; you’d like to ask, 
what is it making this different from an argument; 
we’re not disagreeing as much as not speaking - 
that even paints intrigue pink - and again, hoped 
for dialogue shrieks in aphonic cacophony 

© 8 April 2015, I. D. Carswell