05 May 2015

Mist Upon The Creek

It is an innocence more than a gentle mist, that 
dream sans cruel reality - the creek expands in 
it - road consumed in mantled grey, an artefact 
of gloom you’d say were you afraid a sun won’t 
rise to chase the dank away; we see it as a gift, 
something free returned for being here, they’re 
scenes of spirits blessed in guilesness, all sage 
to views uplifting mood within its countenance 

And then the sun breaks through amazing with 
its rays enhancing views you seldom see - the 
shadows playing in this gauzelike empathy of 
spider’s webs enhanced in mist adrift, crystals 
lifted into glistening gem-like artifice - a fragile 
beauty gifted where the waking eyes will see 

© 4 May 2015, I. D. Carswell