13 June 2015

Being A Part

Cleaning after a recent tenancy seems like replaying 
intimacies of not-quite-strangers - no ways to excuse 
profligate behaviour come easy & burning its rubbish 
guesses occasional excess wasn’t only in the surfeit 
of chardonnay bottles or bourbon-and-coke cans - & 
we imagined the rest, succeeding in reconciling their 
dreams comfortably; it’d be what we’d’ve ‘ad a go at 
in their shoes, maybe dressed as Pan having ball 

An over-melodramatic contention or is it all empathy 
blessed in an easier guise of wayward envy - a form 
in parody of: do as I say not what I say I do, leaving 
the door open to even more bizarre enviousness - it 
isn’t the way we’re meant to be, unless messes like 
these are easier to understand in being part of ‘em 

© 11 January 2015, I. D. Carswell