14 June 2015

Early Elections

Far be it from me to observe that the inutile 
Premier of Queensland has called for early 
elections; isn’t the first time we’ll go to polls 
on 31January, would seem he is a-founder 
in a sea of his own making - in waves he’d 
stirred personally with his dyslectic style of 
unctuous, dissociated invective - but I see 
voter surveys say why he’s outed at last 

Cammo’s really Gollum to cognoscenti, no 
joke in that either, or no pun intended, and 
when votes are counted he’ll be less likely 
a swelling extended at the tip of the LNPs 
nasal extremity claiming an overwhelming 
majority means they’ll do as they please 

Like they’ve done these past 3 years… 

© 13 January 2015, I. D. Carswell