06 June 2015

In Community

If the height of your technical sophistry is the 
wireless connect to a seamless network then 
there may be something to rationalise yet; so 
whose rule of thumb integrates all ‘in-concert’ 
entities together into a disparate community
queuing a poem to the study printer from our 
bedroom fails to convince me despite claims 
you first copied it off of the iMac in there 

I know you’ve read iMac saved poems aloud 
in the lounge or so you say though it actually 
matters zip where they’re really at, what does
seem germane is adroitly finding ‘em to read 
me; in a sense, to me, its another way to be 
saying - they’re here - in our ‘community’ 

© 27 November 2014, I. D. Carswell

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