07 June 2015

The Way Of Change

3:18pm and a pleasant drizzle to fill those pauses 
between dramatic rolling thunder - needless to say 
we’re without power again, but we’d been warned - 
as if it is the same as saying - get used to it, this is
a portent - learn to live with environmental change 

Okay, I’m ready, been this way for ages, I listened 
to my heart years ago; but deniers are busy trying 
to make money out of precepts that they can wind 
back the effects; hey, they don’t happen every day 
do they, its merely sequels of very perverse belief 

Good grief - what do you need to feel comfortably 
rich enough to face truth of your avarice; a stereo 
view of the future, where only your legs find solid 
ground - and if you did it’d be proof to exploit that 
you’re appointed the new saviour to fiscal truth 

We’re all at the mercy of much bigger schemes; I 
ken you’re full of shit agreeing with the cabal who 
only want it seen their way, a profit always makes 
sense while the suffering’s spread evenly; it’s the 
way change has always been practically - isn’t it 
© 11 December 2014, I. D. Carswell