20 June 2015

Like To Say

Like to say things are easier at The Creek - and in 
this air of indolence, yes, we can take 41 degrees 
heat; you slip down to th’ Bungo with a deck chair, 
bathe feet in tinkling water, eucalyptus tree shade 
with Black Bean and Figs idly making their natural 
sun block more effective than hype on a beach of 
painting th’ skin with its latest accolade, all of this 
reading last week’s Woman’s Day magazine 

So its Saturday - we don’t feel obliged to be seen 
as Social Disciples & out of th' tenement dressed 
in somebody’s recreational idea - and the Bungo 
gurgles gently, agrees we’d be welcome anyway, 
along with the deer and roos - and if the footprint 
signs are true, maybe a few people like us 

© 17 January 2015, I. D. Carswell