21 June 2015


The murder of twelve people in Paris by Muslim 
‘terrorists’ clearly states that extremism like this 
must be condemned by Islam’s devout; - to say 
they’re death sentences carried out upon artists 
lampooning Mohammed in cartoons weaves no 
sane rationale, nor justifies the savagery; brutal 
acts reflect on Islam as no better than the mean 
of its most uncivilised, violent reactionaries 

Were the murderers merely obeying edicts of an 
insane holy man, maybe, tactical gains don’t air 
in religious acts of extreme barbarity; missing a 
vital cue in similar creed-regardless views on all 
religions’ excesses proves bigotry in seeing only 
Islam in that magazine’s comical impartiality 
© 8 January 2014, I. D. Carswell

The Charlie Hebdo massacre