11 June 2015


Declared war on the midges today - commenced 
an all-out assault on their ‘royal’ blood intentions; 
they may be choosy but to drink from me isn’t as 
easy as it once was - they’ll find ‘invisibility’ wont 
save them from the august attention of ‘allethrin’ 
nor’ll they sagaciously disappear with full tummy 
distended as they did yesterday; meaning all the 
red welts I’ve earned should gradually disappear 

A midge itch is proof indeed that they exist even 
if they’re rarely seen, but it doesn’t mean a case 
of overactive imagination lending credibility, or a 
state of precautionary clean slate expedience is 
too often rated ‘in-your-face’ hypochondria; & is 
it just me feeding midges you’d never elucidate 

Yet the bastards exercise their pertinacity upon 
moi, a damn two-faced honour I’d humbly trade 
for anonymity of less scratchy recognition; & so 
I’m burning ‘mosquito’ coils at both ends of the 
spectrum at 3 pm, its drizzling & the score is a
far from satisfactory second place … 

© 3 February 2015, I. D. Carswell