10 June 2015

Return To Sleep

‘Nother ‘lie-in’ this morning; wasn’t easy as rollin’ 
over pretending to sleep like you’d only dreamed 
you were awake, bit more complicated than that; 
even to me the explanation’s vague, if a wry sort 
of having your way with the object of desires not 
reciprocated is she who is really ‘interested’ only 
in a cup of tea; anything exotic proposed is seen 
as unsolicited volunteering to make that brew 

It presupposes you’ll be compliant; despite your 
complacent ‘badinage’ of semi-rigid immediacy  
being ignored as too obvious a ploy to take that 
seriously - besides tea’s a known necessity - so 
the answer is to roll over generously releasing a 
sigh of contentment - and return to sleep 

© 8 February 2015, I. D. Carswell