28 June 2015

This Love

The flavour of this love engages the intellect 
in artful ways; scents are a savoury incense 
invading tactile domains - sensory opulence 
pervades each sigh - a murmured inference 
graces lubricious meanings in-depth, infinite 
caress wrests the warp and weft of beauty’s 
veracity, breath ablaze, intensity staggering; 
can you survive making love this way 

In a sense each instance is dictionary death 
to the meanings penned by veritable sages 
swaying in the breeze of enigmatic insights; 
& yet in reason’s light there’s a foreseeable 
prophecy brightened into being within each 
instant of rebirth of the zen in your psyche 
© 17 January 2015, I. D. Carswell