27 June 2015

Corona Gaffe

Completely forgot a need to remove my corona 
belt from th’ daks so two airport security screen 
checks failed; my mobile phone was #1 culprit, 
it had me laughing, but the belt buckle proved 
a greater gaffe; security didn’t cop my theory 
of hearing aids as cause, yet 'raised' her voice 
allowing me a partial victory, not that it made 
me any more secure, because without a belt 

My trousers declined to stay at waist level, so 
we’d evened score at least; but irony seemed 
to imply my reasoning collided dramatically in 
an innocent non-sequitur of hearing aids - as 
if a corona blooper provided enough leeway 
for an ever greater hit-and-miss speculation 

© 22 January 2015, I. D. Carswell