02 July 2015


Imagine frenetic sex with my love’s passport stamped 
to excess assuagement; not that its likely unless we’d 
agreed to abandon pretence - easier for me to dream 
than defend indulgence so blatantly eroticised yet I’d 
be by inherence of fantasy eulogised - so the idea’s a 
grand scheme believed to have ‘faraway’ origins in its 
supposed reality, a history of imaginary conveniences 
indulgently redressed as to be instinctive tendencies 

Now the state of play pales palpably - no way there’ll 
be presumed pertinacity over a sense of fair’s fair - it 
will take more than leery suggestions where my idea 
of what’s great makes headway, and I’ll likely rue the 
day I realised it was only a dream; but we needn’t be 
distressed in sanely waking to that rationality 

© 29 January 2015, I. D. Carswell