03 July 2015

Dangerous Surf

Merewether beach might have been closed to 
bathing for weeks because of dangerous surf, 
in innocence, conditions didn't seem too bad; 
horison lined by ore carriers, yachts sailing in 
an easy expression of safe breezy indolence, 
but wave breaks and rocks merged in a wash 
of menacing rancour where only foolish souls 
lingering with intent might be dashed to death 

What it means is ‘The Baths’ gather the huge 
crowds of avid bathers; sure, it is the Sunday 
before Australia Day - there is relief in a long 
weekend with a salty soak and how you look 
won’t matter - unless you’ve something very 
delectable to expose, and then do it grandly 

© 26 January 2015, I. D. Carswell