19 July 2015

Assuming Comfort

Comfort has nothing to do with it, altho’ you’d 
trade for a wee bit of warmth, come currency 
that made any sense; we’re short there, can't 
make the grade in disposables, we’ve always 
used common-sense as the negotiable - or a 
general rule was to keep things within a view 
shared. ‘Too easy’ is heard echoing off to the 
rear of where we’re sitting near-freezing and

Being common-place. That’s what’s meant in 
there there being an element of truth; so vary 
only a little from th’ central element and you’ll 
be understood easily; you are feeling th’ cool, 
not a necessary query, we understand those 
dynamics, but the fault lies assuming we’re

all uncomfortable actually - besides me … 

© 8 July 2015, I. D. Carswell