18 July 2015


Maybe the be nice’ trial’s over and we’re back where 
Commerce-required Laptop Luxury is at - sure, that’s 
not determined as this wallet-side, unless there’s due 
misconception humbling consumer’s magicidal belief 
in never-ending ‘freebies’; which is incredibly naive to 
believe fries these onions. We find megabyte use in a 
growth spiral; nothing changed in on-net time, tho the 
displayed consumption-rate chimes a viral alarm - it's 

Supposedly a harmonic state. Okay - why does data
appear days out-of-sync & goo a home roost. Now, if 
the geeks proof their own onions we won’t get to eat 
in a habitable way, something’s rotten in that greater 
translation of input-output machinations, & we’re not 
aufait with solutions other than logging off - period 

© 9 July 2015, I. D. Carswell