09 July 2015

The Creek

Tis a bit drizzly at the Creek t’day, not your 
tropical ‘downpour’ farrago they’d say’s the 
norm here as they’re 3rd ’n 4th generation
in tradition if not fact, c’n harp back to what 
great-granddad used to pontificate; tho not 
a whit of ‘em even remember th’ ol bastard 
that clearly, truth’s all hearsay embraced in 
a bodgy-arse marsh of venerable romance 

But peace and quiet prevails within drip & 
splash suggesting THIS is the rain he’d’ve 
meant, there’ll better grazing & less spent 
cleaning up after bloody floods; ‘n that’s a 
key which drove those earliest settlers to 
reflect, full at ease in their mien routinely 

© 27 December 2014, I. D. Carswell