10 July 2015

Cling To

I suppose we’re a day closer to where we want 
to be; I believe its less an abstract argument or
am I too comatose to the real issues - if today’s 
play is anything to go by, two hours on a phone 
sorting out how little you know about ‘tech’ stuff 
relating to connectivity fripperies of moving this 
account, yep you want to keep this shit the way 
its been for nearly 20 years - then it is a dream 

But you suppose you know what you want - or 
are we in another provider’s hallucination, that 
eclectic argument change is great opportunity 
even if you cannot see any benefits accrue; to 
just get back what you had’s a standard you’ll 
cling to because its your nearest status quo 

© 8 January 2014, I. D. Carswell