07 July 2015

Weaving Us

Was I awake Sunday at 2am, isn’t a revelation 
but it comes on back of a decision to live easy; 
gone ‘up country’ y’ know, further away than ’n 
easy stroll to the nearest shop, ten minutes by 
ute I’d guess so remoteness is getting the few 
utilities to work - like satellite TV, and Telstra’s 
supposedly universal telephone line - there is 
a defined black hole thinking its all so naive 

Yet the quiet is punctuated only by the ‘gidday’ 
bellows of a few cattle beast, or neighs from a 
grey mare stopping by to natter - & amazingly 
swooshing of occasional cars hardly registers; 
it says, sort of, relax, merge with the tapestry, 
already we feel like its weaving us in 

© 11 January 2015, I. D. Carswell