06 July 2015

Weakly Waiting

Waited a week with occasional malice; its hard to 
not be unduly fazed by institutional intransigence - 
tho its origin isn’t too hard to savvy - once-upon-
a-time in this fair land Telstra was a servant of the 
people but its no vassal now; as wholesaler of its 
own telephone communications network, largesse 
isn’t their cup of tea, nor will they be hastened into 
reconnecting a telephone because of scheduling 

That means they will do it in their time which wont 
be on a weekend, public holiday, or when there is 
a cricket test or if its raining; these were events of 
the week we’ve waited; 10 actual days so far, yet 
they wont be concerned because its January and 
we’ve still a week left of the school holidays 

© 21 January 2014, I. D. Carswell