19 August 2015

Air Con

Well, it was one of those days - between th’ isolation 
’n th’ rancid heat you couldn’t win so we played easy 
peasy - Podge ’n I agreed a walk up th’ hill came as
close to being th‘ boys we reckon we’re supposed to 
be as sippin’ The Glenlivet ’n reminiscin’; he’s a wily 
dog, doesn’t drink, but don’t let it colour his thinking, 
so we do this thing at the hottest time of day - crazy, 
and when we get back okay he naturally disappears 

Sure it explains where we’re at in his estimation; I’m 
an aberration he makes space for because a mate’s 
worth the effort but when I say what’s the G. O. he’s 
unavailable, needing some R & R is all he’ll suggest, 
let me sleep in this sandpit I’ve made out of th’ hose 
you relocated - its th’ natural ‘air con’ I need 

© 19 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

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