19 August 2015

Those Undies

Hey, I don’t want to sound too intrigued but I 
see your ‘undies’ bound intimately with mine 
when I hang out the washing, I’ve really had 
to un-entwine ‘em to do the job properly, its a 
reflective exercise I assure you - although its 
symbolically embodied deeper meaning may 
have distracted me a mite; seems it invites a 
sense of surreal intimacy which enthrals me 

Was wondering whether only I’m aware of it 
or if the care referenced by such a complete 
togetherness is everywhere tho not as huge 
as this confession, or my omnipresent need; 
perhaps there’s more to it as an idea we’re 
bonded down there as well as up here 

© 13 February 2015, I. D. Carswell