22 August 2015

Blessing Disguised

Juggling glasses makes a slight inroad into the 
impasse - & like a “Band On The Rum” version 
of a Beatles favourite you’d come to agree last 
impressions taste better anyway; it’s Sunday & 
for better or worse, opportunity for the yahoos’ 
dirt-bike chorus to ring louder ’n Church Bells - 
somewhere I’d agreed to not notice - between 
that and th’ ute’s battery failure - what the hell 

Vaguely, you’d’ve seen it coming I guess - had 
you been wearing th’ right specs, but I’ll say its 
a blessing disguised - when we play for so little 
stakes in a game of privation deprived ‘there’s 
always th’ phone’ to quell monotony - isn’t it an 
invitation to be things in another atmosphere 

© 17 May 2015, I. D. Carswell