22 August 2015


So pardon the parochial out-of-wedlock excuse 
but th’ Pommie bastards 'ave cooked ‘a goose’ 
in the Third Test;  who’d’ve seen the ‘toss’ as a 
skill set ineptitude when panning the Okkers in 
the 1st & then getting their ashes resoundingly 
damped in #2, you’d kind of ‘expected’ that it’d 
be a decent contest; well - so far, commentary 
isn’t insistent on drama with any good taste 

But then I’d need t’ listen to all these atrocious 
Pongo accents longer than I have an excuse &
given I do understand that the drivel alluded to 
is the cricket game with too little ‘relief' from an 
easy fall of Pommie wickets, then as an Ozzie, 
maybe the beer will nearly make it real again 

© 30 July 2015, I. D. Carswell