01 August 2015


Watching The Bombers (Essendon) being trashed 
by The Saints (St Kilda) ain’t exactly my idea of an 
arvo’s entertainment but it sure got an Etihad mob 
off of their seats - oh yeah, its AFL, the game they 
play in Victoria; anyway, nearly full time, and 162 - 
52 kind of suggests it wasn’t one of The Bombers 
better capitulations, tho’ when they bomb, they do 
so with reflective panache only they’d comprenez 

And I’d leave it there if it made sense - yet to their 
loyal, or ‘born to the colours’ fans, it’d be dredging 
the bottom of the ditch to observe almost ‘eldritch’ 
trends where long-standing pathologies of losses 
bend credibility - with The Dockers (Fremantle) in 
the lead - its a game that’s gone West - period … 
© 5 July 2015, I. D. Carswell