02 August 2015


We’re downloading 1.26 GB of OS X - 10.10.4 
update - there’s more to it than meets the eye; 
so far we’ve survived to the 25% mark, with its 
projected remaining time between 60+ hrs and 
a mere 10. My erstwhile estimation puts this in 
doubt - if 25% was achieved in an hour 30, it’d 
be more likely a whole lot less - or am I seeing 
what’s accepted supposedly as extreme cases 

Pessimist maybe but I maintain good grace by 
not flying off a handle - or flaying the phone to 
an ISP who’s totally aware how long it’d take - 
but crikey, it is making ‘the mug’ out of me; I’d 
guess it will be completed in six hours or less, 
but I’d have to stay at th’ keyboard to see; no 

Surprise that doesn’t interest - or energise 
© 2 July 2015, I. D. Carswell

In reality, 48 hrs later & there’s still an estimated 
5 hrs remaining!