18 August 2015


If its darts that makes your blood boil I am amazed 
the art of tossing feathered pins at a circular target 
doesn’t suggest the same as archery - or least the 
idea counsels ‘be wary, here’s an adversary with a 
skill set that’s won wars’; heavens sake, it’s a Pub, 
beer has better aroma than napalm - or did I fail to 
realise where we are at isn’t that far away from an 
interregnum on some middle-ages jousting-field 

Be that as it may, these days its touted as a sport 
where the civilised idea expresses tattooed arms 
& multi-coloured hair as unique personalities, not 
accoutrements for battle-weary chivalry; - still, I’d 
like to see real archery and sword-play, horses & 
lances - along with the beer maiden’s deliveries 

© 26 July 2015, I. D. Carswell