17 August 2015

Beasts Of Rectitude

Thus lying in bed thinking about it equates to the 
middle finger raised - you know - out of the back 
of a hand, with an ‘up yours’ seminal gesture we 
indubitably understand - or maybe a reversed V 
with the same impact - but that actually isn’t me; 
remember I’m abed having difficulty dealing with 
a bout of respiratory ‘flu - the congested lungs & 
breathing thing you’ve all been through before 

It’s just that being sidelined so easily reeks of a 
collusion between something you thought you’d 
come to understand & learned to live with and a 
rubicon of raw power-use by treasonous beasts 
of rectitude - they’ve got you by the balls - so to 
speak, and there’s nothing you can do … 

© 19 June 2015, I. D. Carswell