29 August 2015


Well, for a week we at least had something that 
seemed okay - an internet connection via NBN, 
aka - the Government sponsored, geographical 
orphan and under-privileged remote subscriber 
satellite internet scheme, bless ‘em; as it turns 
out we weren’t properly ingenuous - being ‘too 
sophisticated’ by our wi-fi/pc networking, which 
allowed more than one at a time users pc's to 

Be in direct web connection! Gosh - how could 
we be so lewdly blatant - the wee ants must’ve  
‘spied’ outrageously to conclude this - and yes, 
by letter of the decades outdated logic derived 
from redundant technical lore it is just the one 
connect; despite innocence, we’re deprived of 

Access anyway until they agree there isn’t any 
viral culpability in having wi-fi/pc networking, it 
is how things are made these days, but we will 
have to wait at least another two weeks, that’s 
their minimum response time, bless ‘em, even 
when they’re distressingly so far out of date … 

© 7 May 2015, I. D. Carswell