28 August 2015

Home Free

Slowly learning - already too fixated to see what 
may be set in place; wasn’t always this way and 
with a vengeance - or is unremarkable the noun 
we seek, age’s penchant crafting things sleek & 
with nuances too oblique for a first take; are the 
sounds half-heard, or is the word more properly 
half-unheard such that innuendos miss a beat - 
arriving out of pace upon these mistimed feet 

Well, okay - if anything remains of my acuity for 
seeing scams hidden in an ardency of detail I’m 
still your man; so I think it like running in a race, 
one against that competitor visibly holding all th’ 
aces described as currency; if he loses and still 
wins we’ve found an answer - tho’ it means 

We’re probably in too deep to be home free 

© 21 July 2015, I. D. Carswell