31 August 2015

Feeding The Sharks

Feeding the Sharks - what does it imply, is it an 
orchestrated aberration of piscine manipulation - 
you know ‘fishy-aims-a-foot’, off the hook sorties
with a Natal mob in a Brisbane paddock watched 
by a handful of dedicated trawler men; well no, it 
was a game of rugby that didn’t go quite as we’d 
planned, a disastrous foray agin the great whites 
we wanted to beat - and succeeded in losing 

Okay, can we blame a preoccupied referee who 
seemed keener stating a case for a World Cup 
berth than reasonable refereeing; hell’s teeth, if 
both teams were a bit miffed by obscure rulings 
surely this rates to the home team’s advantage: 
oh well, as it transpired, - not to the Reds clout 

So it wasn’t with a rousing shout, moreso a dull 
roar, that The Sharks collected a prize of Red’s 
ego-diminished scalps in assorted size, with an 
assurance their next game won’t be any easier - 
they are home to the Rebels who’ve won six of 
fourteen - while the Sharks have only five 

© 23 May 2015, I. D. Carswell