01 September 2015


In my defence I can say th’ intention was clearly 
there; th’ ‘Go Maroons’ flag on th’ Ute’s been up 
roiling free in th’ zephyred breeze, admittedly its 
parked outside but where all can see I’m QLDer 
thru & thru; and then there’s a ‘tru blu’ fridge full 
of beer to support the lads in their endeavours
more accurately me as the main supporter here, 
but again - it is offered as irrefutable evidence 

And a hasty check to see who was televising th’ 
match, and when it was being aired, ah ha, free 
live to the multitudes - but unfortunately not us - 
we’re in no-man’s land & need a huge antenna 
to capture FTA signal; - ah well, the ABC will be 
broadcasting it on radio live and free - else its a 

Wait ’til 10:30pm for Foxtel’s delayed coverage, 
a bugbear in any supporter language unless at 
the Pub; so we cook a ‘real-deal’ roast pumpkin 
soup with chicken breast, mushies ’n veggies & 
have a beer listening to the banter pre-game, it 
is full of blather about how good NSW are 

Not much from our team who’s silence signals 
beware, an omen if you’re into reading signs - 
so we (rather I) repair to the Lounge & my lazy 
boy recliner chair to await the broadcast - beer 
in hand, anticipating a dour struggle and cooly 
confident we won’t lie down ‘n die as ordained 

By the NSW Blues; and awaken at 10:00pm … 
like I said Your Honour, it wasn’t my plan - that 
clearly was to listen to th’ Footie & watch it if it 
could be done without too much bother - and I 
did try t’ stick t’ my guns but unfortunately it all 
came undone - & I apologise unreservedly 
© 28 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

QLD Maroons beat NSW Blues 11 - 10 in game one 
of the 2015 Rugby League State of Origin series … 
& two games later the series 2 - 1