26 August 2015

The Beginning

So you’re officially a Schoolie today - it means 
there’ll be a few more excuses for ‘in-between' 
ideas about what makes a ‘square’ World and 
how Parents describe such things; yet there’s 
a flip side too, what it is not schemes the free-
ways to independence in leading thought; tho’ 
we don’t doubt your autonomy, you’ve already 
navigated that route and discovered yourself 

With your special gifts you will see all of those 
highways to whatever Heaven appeals most - 
and in whichever countenance - while smiling 
sweetly; the easiest decision pertains to your 
choice-freedom - you’re on the way Charlotte 
Lily - this big 6 today is but the beginning 
© 10 July 2015, I. D. Carswell

For Charlotte Lily Carswell on her sixth 
birthday, 23 July 2015