26 August 2015

So We’re Naive

We’re back on the Greenhouse bandwagon again - 
argument this time being whether there’s economy 
in solar energy; moot point I suppose - bit like their 
original argument of greenhouse effects as causal 
to temperature change; for sure debate creates as 
much heat in feelings, and when arraigned there’s 
enough evidence supporting that its proportionally 
as representative as the profits to be made 

Hang on a mo we say, aren’t we really measuring 
the benefits to mankind - accusations we’re naive 
are deafening; of course there’s an economy they 
hasten to say, through solar energy alone we’ll be 
able to solve all long-term manufacturing industry 
problems through the fabrication of solar panels 

We query, by using solar energy, they cry bugger 
offwhy are you so stupid. The long run’s we’ll all 
benefit, just wait & see; meantime its appropriate 
to keep the debate going because it focusses the 
commercial realities onto fringe benefits we earn 
a living from - supposed glasshouse effect or not 

© 16 July 2015, I. D. Carswell