06 August 2015

Without Bail

The seven books resting on this bedside table 
impress nobody - doesn’t seem an anarchy of 
illiteracy, some have library tags as bookmark 
whatever’s between pages, but whether that’s 
suggestive of suspended, or failed readership 
progression is speculative; - clearly tho’, three 
used to raise a clock-radio for easier view are 
supportive of the latter case - or are we being 

Too basal by preying the innuendo. If it was a 
read intention that’d situated said items where, 
should an urge manifest, they’d be accessible, 
then we’re felling the wrong tree. But it’s outer 
space being so hypothetical when without bail 
just Fantasy and Sci-Fi titles prevail 

© 10 July 2015, I. D. Carswell