07 August 2015


The social media makes ‘vomit-worthy’ gaffes 
seem au fait - there is a dash of panache bent 
in deference to dimness supposedly ‘excused’ 
too blatantly - it’d fly free any other way at the 
mast-head honourably so, like a success sigil; 
no less explains how such irrepressible idiocy 
panned out & thus came of age to win award 
after social media award so impressively 

Oh, change the page, you grouse; - while you 
retrogress in range of it, being depressed is a 
cure for inevitable ageing imbued in having to 
live through it all again, you know it’s crap but 
you don’t have to play dead to get away - log-
off gracefully - and switch off the set 

© 28 July 2015, I. D. Carswell