20 September 2015

Bureaucratic Analogy

Simply categorising them egocentric, arrogant &
obviously self-referenced won't impress any new, 
or otherwise ambient, views of our politicians: so 
we see ‘em grafted on a bureaucratic analogy; & 
submitting it’s an honourable treelike living entity 
with ‘roots’ deep as unfettered imagination pales 
beyond the caul of ranked tenability; if we’re the 
cause of this beast’s invention - then RIP 

And we can say the same for the litany of blanks 
filling administrative space claimed to be by rigid 
public service selection planks; they are recycled 
specimens of retrogression even less likely to be 
sanely animate than gay top-of-tree ‘ballot’ boys 
whose arbiter-dispensed succession-plan ideals 

claim credibility only they can understand …

© 16 June 2015, I. D. Carswell