19 September 2015

Ark Morayfield

Well hey, we didn’t create the Morayfield flood-plain 
you bloody built it on, nor are we to blame for rain it 
attracts; it’d’ve been obvious to anyone who looked 
without ‘dollar signs’ for eyes, that what existed had 
massively apprised snags as facts, like where does 
the excess of water flow to when there’s lots of rain; 
well actually, basement carparks - so-called ‘drains’ 
ably assisting speedy backfilling - when the creek 

Floods only cessation of rain allows it to flow away; 
saying ‘we just need to be patient, there’s really no 
danger’ doesn’t spell out why roads become rivers 
for the time being or until the creek gets enough of 
relief to ease th’ H2O backlog out of a pond where 
idiots built an Ark substitute we know as Morayfield 

© 2 May 2015, I. D. Carswell