04 September 2015

Intimate Space

A little less malcontent, but there’s a predictable 
bend in it they say: as you thought through more
things, the more of them you saw to be afraid of; 
it wasn’t just your state of mind, each other view 
focussed on new perspective you could only be 
in awe of if aware they existed - true, egocentric 
stance excluding you isn’t that novel - tho’ it still 
comes home to roost with shocking justification 

The me-me as opposed to us-we hub thunders 
with empty rhetoric & all definitions reek acridly, 
listening with intent tacitly distorted meanings & 
shredded ‘em before disagreement revealed it 
had never meant that to be the case anyway, a 
theatrical whole of bias & all too little, too late 

But the settlement’s been paid: sure, there’s a 
crude truth in spoils winnowed thru by an extra 
hand or two, but them’s th’ breaks; now there’s 
these new plans to renovate and a future to be 
negotiated with the best mate you’ve ever had 
the privilege to share intimate space with … 

© 1 March 2015, I. D. Carswell