03 September 2015

Wasn’t Us Mate

Hate t’ say I’ve out-grown Macca - or is it truer 
t’ suggest dingbats ringing ‘im make it démodé 
with their braggadocio; yeah, been out West a 
bit mate - I don’t care which bloody bit of been 
there done that shit we’re into - grew up & out 
of it with the rest of the 60s gang; th’ nouveau 
set are spoiled brats compared to us originals 
back when we didn’t have mobile telephones 

Yeah, the mateship was great, ’n we cared for  
the environment, but it was solitude that really 
lead us there - a space to find who we were in 
our own time without breakin’ heads or hearts, 
not like the new gen media drones claiming its 
their bloody idea on lavish satellite phones 
© 3 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

Refers to Ian Macnamara’s
Sunday radio show Australia All Over