29 September 2015


That an idea all’s sweet because you’ve gotten 
to the ‘top of the heap’ doesn’t gel easy - pique 
tastes bitter as lemon gall when you get to see 
that observations you’d paid dearly for were an 
obfuscation of lesser-rung views from far-away 
ladders of unequal-opportunity deigned all real 
players trivial pursuit ascending on into etheric 
impressions of inexplicable discontinuity 

Who’s idea’s this, you mutter, as if explanation 
is possible without committing perjury: within a 
stated ambition you’d claimed to be the best in 
view - with your reward as retaining their faith - 
yet all you see is what the others gave in their 
unquestioning homage - as collateral to you

© 30 April 2015, I. D. Carswell