30 September 2015

Good Grace


Its just a picture not a sworn statement notarised 
by the late-great yet confides a state of mind the 
place bestows; there’s a detente here, fenced in 
cosily with their freedom to wander where mood 
migrates and food for thought mitigates any ‘shit- 
shovelling’ ideas of them & we coteries - & cattle 
see it favourably in pastured space, The Creek’s 
good grace grows this grass assuredly they say 

And that is where we steal a scene or two; along 
with old grey mare who seamlessly blends in like 
she’s always been top of the heap - certainly her 
penchant for taking the last bow stands her apart 
from cattle she occasionally leads down the lane 
she sees as the main aisle to her theatre's stage 

©16 May 2015, I. D. Carswell