27 September 2015

Refresher Course

It is a twenty four hour refresher course in education
for the parentally recidivate; its instructors behave in 
time-honoured ways never forgot - and how can one 
write-off those experiences without loss of identity, - 
that essential veneer, the one which survival briefing 
& reprobates post-course revival refers accurately to 
as grandparental affectation for things ‘family’ being 
too hard to shuffle-off for a bit of ‘peace and quiet’ 

Alright, the tensions real enough to wipe away years 
of drought in a fractal randomness, but it was always 
hinged to whom you thought you were, and teachers 
confirm it in a moments embrace - they don’t say - or 
hint at, a case of where you fitted least; its merely an 
idea you’d best espouse what they say here & now 

And so they move on again, are entrained to another 
destinations way-point of growing up; and in that gap 
there’s silence, perhaps relief, yet ostentation leaves 
eerie emptiness already echoing with memories of a 
dessert-sweetness after the main course - yes, we’ll 
see them again, & well before they cease to teach 

© 14 April 2015, I. D. Carswell