26 September 2015

Making Space

Whether the aim is to create your own room or 
encourage others to give way - the idea is that 
you patent the space as yours; no sense living 
in a wake of no returns is there - being second 
in a ‘race’ you know you hadn’t entered seems 
so much an irony - especially in the view of its 
delinquency in not citing woods from trees - or 
of first place standing idly in the wrong space 

Yes - its the way you can view those schemes 
of seemly franchised egoism safe in an ‘entity’ 
brotherhood named common knowledge - but 
who haven’t felt obliged to solicit you into their 
frame of reference; but you shouldn’t see it as 
deference as you wouldn’t do it either 

The space you seek is the space you make ..

© 22 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

*In The Make by Narangkar Glover