08 September 2015

Steepest Way

After a vigorous walk up the hill the steepest way 
you’d expect, by normal standards, a celebratory 
cup of tea; or coffee, if you’d not breeched quota 
too easy to exceed: yet circumstantially you’re a 
lot less belaboured than one would imagine; & if 
itchy lantana scratches you’ll gladly see sprayed 
to death don’t add anything relevant, it suggests 
that you’re fitter than just maybe 

That is the tenor of the day; the trial of blazing a 
trail up the hill always gathers conspiratorial aid 
from the doggy mates, they abet ideas of space, 
& meeting unrestrained feral fauna coolly in the 
place they live, being free to react naturally and 
without undue prejudice in their own habitat 

So if we needed to say its an ordinary breath of 
freshness, then being unconstrained paves wry 
ways of gladness; sure you tweak muscles pant 
hard and sweat on sheerest bits of cliff-like path 
with drops steep to impress, yet the top comes 
elegantly as relief, and downward track is easy 

© 16 April 2015, I. D. Carswell