09 September 2015

The Ending

A seminal day no less - one where the accumulated 
distress of two months was unceremoniously swept 
into the trash heap; no regrets either, or none which 
impressed as graciously as moving away from what 
seemed an impasse sustained by good manners; to 
an emigre we’d’ve been considered casually aufait - 
a cosmopolitan view of the ‘barbecue’ culture’s best 
features dressed up a treat with beer in both hands 

Yet there was something that gave the show away - 
cooking haute cuisine any which way but that of the 
unconnected electric range leant upon credibility we 
pawned for make-no-waves dreams; idea was okay 
tho reality’s less forgiving, in connecting the range it 
means we arrived where the change sincerely ends 

© 20 May 2015, I. D. Carswell